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Joint Stock Company "Graali 92" was founded in 1972, the company was privatized in 1992 and has been successfully operating in the market for the production of steel structures in Georgia and abroad for more than 50 years.
"Graali 92" produces steel structures of various types and complexity, including design, transportation and installation at the construction site.
"Graali 92" is a quality-oriented company. High-quality and complex work can be performed using our modern types of welding, plasma cutting, engraving, drilling, painting and all the necessary equipment for metal processing.
The company currently employs more than 80 people, including women in positions such as crane operators, which are rare in such enterprises.
“Graali 92” has made a significant contribution to the infrastructural development of our country, in addition, the company has implemented two international projects in Armenia and Turkmenistan.

Chemicals and Plastics70
Steel and Oil Refining92
Industrial Machinery 65
This year, Industro was established by our founders and partners.
In 1961, one of our first plants began its operation. The range of products it manufactured included stainless steel pipes and fittings.
We gained additional support from government in California, Nevada, Florida, and other US States.
With development of technology, demand on our products increased.
We purchased the biggest industrial plant of Northwest - the Smith and Anderson Plant located in Seattle, WA.
Due to the growing population in the Eastern part of the USA, we decided to construct our fourth plant in Georgia.
Our engineers developed new method of pipe production.
This year, Fabricator acquires Mueller Water Products, Inc.
Our newest plant in Virginia wins the “Best metal Fabrication Plant” award for the highest number of parts produced and sold in the area.
Today we have ambituous plans concerning our further development in the US as well as opening our first metal fabrication plant in Europe.